Interlace - August 22nd-24th @ The Southern Theater

Interlace is a program of two contemporary dance works performed by casts of all women. The pieces lay the foundation for a space of sharing, healing and community by exploring the unique and collective experiences of women through their journeys, embodied through dance.

Laura will perform in Elena Hollenhurst’s piece When We Met Under the Juniper Tree, a compilation of women's stories twisting together to explore themes of abrupt change, group dynamics, regeneration, and women's innate connection to the earth.

Tickets & more information can be found HERE.


Zenon Dance Company’s 36th & FINAL Spring Season Performance - June 10th-13th @ The Cowles Center

Sadly closing the doors to this long standing and groundbreaking dance company that has served as a pillar of professional dance in the Twin Cities, Laura will perform in the final show presented by Zenon Dance Company. The legacy and impact is nearly impossible to sum up in words. Laura will be honored to perform the work of Danny Buraczeski, Colleen Thomas, luciana achugar, Wynn Fricke, and Daniel Charon.

Slo Dance Company presents relative - February 25th @ The Summit Center for Arts & Innovation

relative was inspired by and set to composer Ernesto Lecuona's “Andalucia Suite Espagnole”. The 40-minute piece is comprised of six dancers, including Osterhaus, moving through a series of six vignettes played live by pianist Sam Rosentone. This will serve as the company’s first public premiere.

Collaborating with a new combination of artists, this process was an even deeper investigation and development of the Slo Dance Company practice and artistic vision. The solo, duet, trio—trio, duet, solo structure of the work aimed to encourage the audience to consider the people, places, and things they find themselves in relationship with, offering shifting combinations of movers and movement amongst contrasting and complimentary stillness and meditation.

Generating Room: Open Proposal Initiative - SLO Dance Company August 27th @ The Cowles Center

                SLO Dance Company, an emerging Minneapolis-based dance ensemble, founded by Laura Osterhaus, has been spending the summer diving into rehearsals, alongside local musical guests Purple Funk Metropolis, as part of last quarter's Generating Room: Open Proposal Initiative at The Cowles Center.

The movement and sound of SLO Dance Company is the result of an exploration of slowness within the creation process. Slowness not exactly in the literal translation but in the vain of unrushed, uninterrupted, human to human concentration on investigating who we are as movers and creators in the time in which we live, the external factors that play into that, and how to truly bring a fresh, new energy into the dance community as we know it.

Rhythmically Speaking - August 16th-18th @ The Southern Theater

                  Laura will perform in Emma Marlar's work in this 10th Anniversary show of Rhythmically Speaking, a curated evening of local and national dance artists featuring American vernacular dance. Tickets and more information can be found here

Zenon Dance Company performance tour to Dallas, TX - April 4th-8th @ SMU

                  Laura will perform with Zenon Dance Company in a retrospective concert of world-renowned jazz choreographer Danny Burazceski's work. ZDC will perform two of Danny's pieces, Ezekiel's Wheel and Song Awakened, amongst other works performed by the SMU dance students.

Kelvin Wailey in residence with the Cowles Center Open Proposal Program - May 14th @ Cowles Center Target Studio

                Emma, Leila, and Laura will dive into the process during this 12-week residency at the Cowles Center where they're creating a new work that will premiere as an informal showing on the 14th at 7:00PM.

John Mark Creative for Super Bowl LII - January 29th @ Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

                   Laura will perform alongside a talented group of local dancers to represent John Mark Creative, welcoming in the Super Bowl LII goers in the grand rotunda of MSP.

Kelvin Wailey & the BIG, Cozy House - January 6th @ the Big, Cozy House

                  The dancing trio is at it again with their first ever self-produced house show! Catch Kelvin Wailey performing a three-set night with three different musician collaborations in a warm and cozy home environment. Come out to stay in.

Zenon Dance Company's 35th Fall Season - November 10th-19th @ The Cowles Center for the Performing Arts

                   Taking the stage for the second time with Zenon Dance Company, Laura will perform in two premieres during the company's run of fall shows. More information and tickets can be found here

MalPaso Dance Company with Special Guest Zenon Dance Company - October 10th @ Northrop

                   Laura will perform with Zenon Dance Company on the program of MalPaso Dance Company. The work Zenon will be performing, Coming Home, was choreographed by Osnel Delgado, Artistic Director of MalPaso, on the company in 2014. Tickets and more information here.

Rhythmically Speaking - August 17th-19th @ the Illusion Theater

                    Laura will premiere her first professional choreographic work in the form of a solo titled A Love Poem for Lonely Prime Numbers. Rhythmically Speaking is a jazz and American vernacular dance supporting and presenting organization. This will be the organization's ninth annual show. Learn more and buy tickets at www.rhythmicallyspeaking.org.

Purple Funk Metropolis Album Release - August 24th @ the Turf Club

                    Kelvin Wailey will perform throughout the set of Purple Funk Metropolis, local jazz/funk band, for their first album release show. Things will get groovy.

When We Met Under the Juniper Tree - August 25th @ Minnesota Opera, Bemis Rehearsal Hall

                   Premiereing work of Elena Hollenhorst. "is a compilation of women's stories twisting together to explore themes of abrupt change, group dynamics, regeneration, and women's innate connection to the Earth.
Told through contemporary dance, When We Met Under the Juniper Tree will take the audience on an unforgettable journey of six women as they share their voice and physically invest in their individual power of personal story." Learn more and give us support at www.gofundme.com/underthejunipertree

EAUX CLAIRES Festival 2017 - June 16th & 17th in Eau Claires, WI

                   Laura has the opportunity to perform for the second year with John Mark Creative at the third annual EAUX CLAIRES music festival, curated by Justin Vernon, in Eau Claires, WI. She will also dance in a live set for recording artist, Spank Rock.

Black & White Ball - December 31st @ the Hyatt Regency, downtown Minneapolis

                   Laura will appear at the Black & White Ball, an event produced by NYEMPLS.COM, performing the work of John Mark Hostetler. More information about the event at www.nyempls.com

Zenon Dance Company's 34th Fall Season - November 12th-20th @ The Cowles Center for the Performing Arts

                   Laura was thrilled to perform as an apprentice with the Zenon Dance Company in their 34th Fall Season show. She appeared in the premiere of Gregory Dolbashian's work Eternal Reveal and the Zenon premiere of Danny Burzaceski's Spring Awakened.

3PLAY - August 7th 7:00PM @ Fresh Oysters

                  Kelvin Wailey, a dance company co-founded and comprised of Leila Awadallah, Emma Marlar, and Laura Osterhaus, will be featured in a program of three artist groups given a residency by Skewed Visions in the Fresh Oysters performance research space. Tickets can be purchased at this link: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2583060

EAUX CLAIRES - August 12th & 13th

                 Laura will be performing under the direction of John Mark in the resident dance company at the Eaux Claires music festival hosted in Eau Claire, WI.   

Video Footage: HERE

American College Dance Association National Festival Performance - June 9th-11th               

                 Laura performed in the choreographic work of Leila Awadallah, Almost But Not Yellow, at the American College Dance Association National Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. This piece was selected from the North Central Regional ACDA Conference to be performed at the national level. 

Likeness Design Showcase - April 20th 8:00PM @ The Weisman Art Museum

                Kelvin Wailey, a dance company co-founded by Leila Awadallah, Emma Marlar, and Laura Osterhaus performed within the fashion design showcase produced by second year U of M apparel design students in response to Andy Warhol's Cowboys and Indians exhibit currently featured at the WAM.

The Shared Space. - April 9th 6:00-8:00PM @ Impact Hub Minneapolis

                The Shared Space. is a collaborative project of artists led by University of Minnesota dance major Laura Osterhaus, aiming to explore the possibilities of a multi-medium art installation featured for one evening at the Impact Hub Minneapolis. This installation will comprise of creations by dancers, musicians, and apparel and graphic designers. The project aims to speak to our responsibilities as beings who inhabit the Earth the make good with the space that we have—to share it, tend to it, and be creative thinkers and movers within it.

               Open and free to the public, you are invited to come and observe the ongoing installation at any point within the two-hour program, also partaking in food, drink, and conversation.

Visit the event site: http://z.umn.edu/thesharedspace


Photo by Isabel Fajardo Photography